"Myrtana, Vaduz Island, shortly before creating the magical barrier..."
The History of Khorinis is a free extension to the game Gothic II: Gold Edition, introducing a completely new story set in unsure times, over 10 years before the events of the first and second part of the Gothic series.
Our modification will be developed in two parts: „The History of Khorinis” happening on a new island - Vaduz and „The History of Khorinis II” on on a well-known and familiar Khorinis.

The action of „The History of Khorinis” takes place on Vaduz Island, forming part of the kingdom of Myrtana and its important trading, mining and agricultural center. On Vaduz we will find the city as the gateway to the rest of the island, farms, mines, taverns, rival merchant guilds, monastery of Adanos and many other places waiting to be discovered.
In the game, we will have the opportunity to play the role of Lars, whose life is drastically changed due to a mysterious plot. The player will have the opportunity to join one of the influential factions - city guards or mercenaries in the services of the merchant guild - and will often decide the fate of himself and his enemies.
During the game, we will meet many characters from the Gothic universe and we will know about their history from before the barrier was created. The second part of Lars' adventures will be a direct continuation of the first part, during which you will be able to travel to Khorinis - an island well known to every fan of the Gothic saga (will be show in its heyday).
This project is distinguished by the highest compliance with the lore of the series, professional acting dubbing and unprecedented attention to detail.

  • Professional acting dubbing and a unique proprietary soundtrack
  • Full compatibility with the Gothic series lore
  • A new main character and a new world - the Island of Vaduz
  • A multi-plot story and extensive side quests
  • New guilds, armor, items, textures and 3D models
  • And many others